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People involved (from left to right and up to down):
Kerstin Fischer (SDU, Design og Communication)
Mogens Melskens Petersen ( SDU, Microtechnology)
Till Leiβner (SDU, MCI)
​Simon Kleinschmidt Salling (SAM)​
Oliver Niebuhr (SDU, CIE)
Brian Todsen (Operating Manager, Alsion)
Najmeh Shaghei (SDU library)
Horst-Günter Rubahn (Campus leader, SDU)
Martin Nørbæk (Director Concerthal Alsion)
Jesper Mølgaard Axelsen (Head of Campus, EASV)
Kasper Paasch (SDU, CIE)
Lene Hviid Petersen (Campus coordinator)
Katharina Rubahn (Green Alsion Coordinator, SDU)
Tony Thomsen Schmidt (Technical Service SDU Sønderborg)

Everyone is welcome to join our meetings and also to come up with ideas. Please contact us