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Get involved

At the Green Corner, fresh minds, and hands from all corners of the campus come together to support the university’s sustainable development.

The Green Corner is an open space in the library for students and staff of the Campus where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together, and projects are launched, all to make the campus more sustainable.
We aim to raise awareness among students and staff about the sustainable
achievements and ambitions of SDU.

The library's Green Corner focuses on the following tasks:

  • Offering an open space for students and staff to exchange and work with sustainability
  • People attached to the Green Corner support students and staff’s ideas
  • Green Corner offers a co-design space for green ideas and workshops

Get involved
We want to express a warm welcome to everyone who wants to get involved, and we are excited
to find you a perfect role within our green activities.

Become a volunteer:
We can only achieve many things with the help of our great volunteers!
There are many ways to join the Green Corner as a volunteer.
We are always looking for like-minded people eager to work on sustainable projects in their free time.

Current volunteer positions:

  • Green Corner Guide Developer
  • Sustainability Blogger
  • Communication Assistant
  • Green Corner Event Organizer

Depending on your preference and availability, you can take up one or more roles within the team. You can contact the Project Team for more information.

Let your green ideas grow here:
You are welcome to come up with green ideas and use the Green Corner, where facilities and materials are provided.

A space to work and host events:
Do you need a space to work on your sustainable project with your students or individually? At the Green Corner, we have enough spots for you to work, meet and plan your next green initiative. Making a reservation is not necessary. If you like to host an event at the Green Corner, please get in touch with the project team in the library.

If you have a good idea for something we can do more sustainably, we’d also love to hear from you. If you have a suggestion for a sustainability effort, please get in touch with the project team.

The Green Corner is located at the library - Campus Sønderborg.

You can reach us by mail